Friday, October 30, 2009


Honestly Ciara is hot its self explainnatory...she is tha ultimate performer......she gets a #10 on Our Radar

Real HouseWives of ATL

Honestly i Liked this season..i wasnt feeling sheree bein fake tho..kandi brought a good is still a liar....lisa is tha wildest...but Nene is tha best she kept it real all season she never lies 2 get ahead...n she doesnt talk behind backs isnt that what all girls need in a friend....this cast gets a #9 on Our Radar............n enjoy tha Alter Ego Photos

Lil Wayne and Drake

this tha weezy n drake post n im sorry but weezy allowed drake 2 take ova this yr which is a good thing considering he's goin 2 im just sayin he was too cocky n maybe tha baby making process can slow down.......but drake is a good rapper so far but he does look like a sad puppy lol...Weezy gets #6 on tha radar...while drakes @ a #8

Dirty Money

Heres Diddy's New Crew Dirty Money ....which consist of Dawn-who was in tha group that diddy disbanded Danity Kane(which im still upset about)Kalenna_she's a singer songwriter u couldve caught her on diddy's show Making His Band,u couldve heard her singin om 36Mafia's shake my a single....or if u heard Ciara's Pucker Up song she's 1 of tha co-writers she's cool...and we all kno Mr.Diddy no need 2 explain.......this group Dirty Money gets a #7 on our Radar just for bein so Fly

Jocelyn Wilderstein a.k.a Cat Woman

Now we told u all this is our page n we run it how we like n im sorry but 1 of troubling things that i see while surfing tha net is ms. wilderstein n omfg paleeze help this lady like she was normal @ 1st(tha pic of her on normal terms)i guess she was un happy with herself oboy did she gova board(in tha 2nd pic) n ruin her life even more my gosh she's totally a #1 on our radar

This is Mario.....looks can be deceiving,but dont let it fool u,he's a outgoing person with a big heart who loves to dance..and I
Do Mean


This is Sheena.....n shes not ur typical chick...she can hang with tha boys n be a lady......Hustle shouldve been her middle name....she see's right thru bullshit so be far from fake